Ken Bidgood & Associates concerns itself primarily with the recruitment of staff within the construction and general engineering industries.
Ken started his own Personnel Consultancy in 1984, probably the first Professional Engineer in South Africa to do so. Since then he has successfully serviced the construction industry as a Recruitment Consultant.

When you deal with Ken Bidgood & Associates you are assured of:


We are, unashamedly a small consultancy. As a direct consequence, we are able to offer a service that is:

We identify with our Clients, we serve and respect them.

On the other side of the same coin, are our Candidates.
We have empathy for them. We know what it is like to be a Candidate.
We do a lot of work for and on behalf of our Candidates.
Not only do we interview our Candidates, but we also counsel them.
We try to give our Candidates alternatives when assessing them for job positions.
We try to give our Candidates what they want, not necessarily what we have on offer at that time. As such, we often assist certain Candidates to help them get what they are best suited for.
Notwithstanding these efforts, we are always conscious of the fact that it is our Clients who pay our fees, not the Candidate.

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