It is our intention to up date you at regular intervals concerning our business and our "products". In addition we will give some comments on various issues that hopefully could prove useful to you. We want to add value to our basic service.

Our core business is the recruitment of staff within the construction industry. This includes both technical and administrative staff. Our fields of expertise include:

Civil Engineering                                Project Management
Builing                                             Quantity Surveying

We do not claim to know much about bending moments and shear forces (although we did at one stage ! ) - but we do know a fair amount about people. We believe in introducing the "right" person to the company. Not the "best" (what is the best ?). We believe in the "appropriate" person for a specific position. Different personalities are attracted to different companies.

The CV is an important part of the assessment process in selecting the right candidate, but is not the only aspect that should be looked at. Sometimes the person with a "bad CV" is the right person for that job. A CV does not easily portray the character, the personality of the individual. That's what the interview can do. Also by using one's "gut feeling".

We are unashamedly a small, effective and personalised business. If the situation warrants it, we are able to network with other agencies so that we can offer our clients a "one stop service".

We were established in 1984 and since then we have assisted many candidates. Some of our candidates have become our clients. Some of our clients have become our candidates ! The bulk of our business is done with South African based companies and we have recently established contacts in the U K, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

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